Art Gallery

Ceramic Work



Xuan has spent a great deal of his time and effort to study the art of ceramic art. This particular colouring is very unique to the region of China in which he studied. The artwork on the top left is representative of the Chinese bronze age, representing the labourers of that time period on a 4X4 ceramic tile. The next piece represents man and women in the balance of life. The following three pieces are all scenes from a famous Chinese folk tale based on a group of outlaws who fight back against corruption in the land.



In 1998, Xuan participated in the Drouillard Road project in Windsor, Ontario Canada. The Windsor municipal government initiated the project to reflect the historical scene where the first Ford automobile was born. Together with a few other artists, Xuan created some huge frescoes on the origin and development of Ford. Theses two murals represent the Ford workers of the time working on the production line and in the hot furnace.



This piece of art utilizes watercolour techniques to bring interesting colour schemes and imagery. Xuan uses this to bring forward images of emotion as can be seen here in these portrayals of a wedding ceremony and a mother with child.