Holiday House Series

          by Ying Chang Compestine;       illustrated by YongSheng Xuan


The Story of Chopsticks

Poor Kuai! The youngest in his family, he never gets enough to eat. One day he comes up with a brilliant plan: He will use sticks to grab food when it's still too hot to touch. Soon his entire family is eating with sticks.

Then comes a big wedding the entire village will attend .. with a delicious feat to mark the occasion. Along with presents, Kuai sneaks in his sticks. Will the sticks be a hit? Or will Kuai be in the biggest trouble of his life?

Story of Noodles

The Story of Noodles

The Kang boys love having food fights. One day they have to help their mother make her famous dumplings. it's time for the annual cooking contest, and Mama Kang is expected to win. It doesn't take the boys long before they begin playing with the dough, and soon, long strips decorate every corner of the houseProverbs.

Now there is no time to prepare the dumplings. The only thing the Kangs can bring to the contest are mian tiao, or "flour strips".

Will the boys' new dish wow the judges? Or will the Kang boys find themselves in hot water?

Story of Kites

The Story of Kites

Ting, Pan, and Kuai are tired of working in the rice fields protecting the harvest for the birds. They try everything - they bang pots, blow whistles, and wave their arms. If only the could fly, they'd drive those birds far away forever! Then the boys get an idea: if they made wings, the could fly!

Using paper, straw, and feathers, the boys try to launch themselves into the sky from the hilltop above the rice fields. Kersplash! Kerplop! Kersploosh! What else can the Kang boys come up with to keep those naughty birds away from their rice?

Story of Paper

The Story of Paper

What trouble have Ting, Pan, and Kuai gotten into now? When caught playing at school instead of diong their math, the teacher gives them the usual punishment: he writes notes to Mama and Papa on their hands and demands they hold them up for everyone to see. They will ne the laughingstock of the entire village.

The boys wish they could invent something for the teacher to write on besides their hands - something small and private. Can the creative Kangs concoct a formula for what just may become a very useful school supply?